About Us

Who we are

We are a group of international freelancers specialized with Microsoft SharePoint products.
With more than 10 years of experience in IT industry we help your organization to work better.

Our mission

Our goal is to maintain stable, secure and fast SharePoint environment for our customers.
No matter what kind of problem you have with SharePoint farm - you can always count on us.

What we do

We help to configure, troubleshoot, audit, optimize and migrate SharePoint infrastructure.
Everyday we manage dozens of SharePoint farms hosted on-premises as well as in the cloud.

Quality and Discretion

We are Microsoft Certified Experts and we follow Microsoft recommendations and best practices.
We don't publish our customer list, we keep discretion about what we do on all levels of work.



We can monitor SharePoint infrastructure for you

Each customer is different so we adjust monitoring solution to your needs. We can provide you dedicated monitoring solution or help you to choose proper measures to keep your infrastructure fast and reliable. With proper SharePoint monitoring you can sleep well.


We can help you to update your SharePoint environment

SharePoint platform consists of many different components like SharePoint WFE and APP servers, Microsoft SQL Server, OWA, ADFS, Reverse Proxy, Nintex and so on. This makes SharePoint farm really complex environment to update without long downtime. If you don't feel comfortable with updating all those components we will be happy to help you with that.


We know how to fix your SharePoint problem fast

We know SharePoint can cause trouble. We have lot of experience with troubleshooting SharePoint infrastructure so if you don't want to spend long hours and finding right solution on your own - you can call us.


We can help you to plan, execute and maintain you SharePoint project

If you plan to install new SharePoint infrastructure, migrate existing portal to the cloud or plan to deploy Application Lifecycle Management - we can help you to plan and execute your project with success.


Our troubleshooting and deployment process developed over many years is based on Microsoft best practice fundamentals combined with modern DevOps tools and Agile methodologies to complete projects successfully. Most of our work is based on "Infrastructure as a Code" so we can build SharePoint environment faster than our competitors. Our ALM process is unique, fast and reliable. For troubleshooting we always try to reproduce issue on our own infrastructure first to minimize impact on production environment of our customers.

Here are some components of our technology stack we use to provide our services.

SharePoint products and partners

AvePoint, Metalogix, SPDocKit, ShareGate, Nintex, K2.

SharePoint Tools

AutoSPInstaller, AutoSPSourceBuilder, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Manager, SharePoint Search Query Tool, ULS Viewer, CAML Designer, C2WTS Test, Log Parser Studio, Kerbtray, SPDisposeCheck, MSOCAF, SPCAF, SNAP, Membership Seeder, SharePoint Feature Admin, SharePoint Client Browser, CKS Development Tools for SharePoint.

Hosting and Cloud platforms

Docker, Hyper-V, VMWare, Citrix, Office 365, Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku.

Browser tools

Fiddler, ILSpy, Chrome Developer Tools, Firefox Firebug, Internet Explorer Developer Tools, Yslow, SSL Diagnostics, SiteSpeed.io.

Our DevOps Internal tools

Docker, ELK Stack, Nagios, Nginx, Redis, Consul, Ansible, Terraform, Microsoft DSC, Visual Studio, TFS/VSTS, Jenkins, Octopus, Selenium.


Want to contact us?

Send us an email at info@sharepoint.plus and tell us what you're working on and how you see us helping. We'll get back to you quicker than you'd expect.

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